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What's the best part about INBA Australia
Welcome to INBA Australia
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18,000 FACEBOOKS Likes and rocketing up - Thank you to All that LIKED us so far.
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Thank you 18,000 times, we appreciate each and everyone of you thank LIKED our Facebook Page and will continue to make this an informative, fair, unbiased and newsworthy Facebook page. Hopefully you will interact with us, share our page with your friends and help us get to the next milestone.

Vicki Arief & Danielle Mondo to star at Mini INBA Expo - Mick's Gym - Sunday 20th July 2014
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Vicki Arief's group posing class on Sunday at Micks Gym is going to be almost a "mini expo". Her latest addition to the comp info team is the lovely INBA Fitness Champion Danielle Mondo who will be bringing her stunning selection of amazing jewellery, for competition and general wear. So do not miss this great event commencing at 1pm Sunday 20th July, we also have Posing Wear, Comp Shoes, Tanning, Makeup, and now Jewellery, and of course very informative, posing sessions with Vicki Arief, and I think our creative DVD Man Ian Adams will be whizzing around amongst the competitors! So excited! Vicki is on Facebook if you need any more information 

In 2014 Flexr6 has put 14 competitors onstage from first timers to a world champion
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 To most people preparing for your first physique competition can be a daunting task. I remember my first show – the 2007 INBA ACT Titles where I thought I was in great shape as I had lost 23kg to get onstage that day only to realise backstage I was way off.

As I now prepare for my 49th show I am still learning about my own body, the learning experience never ends. In 2014 Flexr6 has put 14 competitors onstage from first timers to a world champion, with many more to come by years end.

A prominent feature of being a Team Flexr6 member is the ongoing support you will receive from Flexr6 Director, Ken Ross and your fellow Team Flexr6 competitors. Team Flexr6 is currently comprised of 90% female first time competitors.

Current Team Flexr6 members who are preparing for competitions in 2014 & 2015 have shared their
thoughts on why they chose Flexr6 for their competition preparation and why they have remained with Team Flexr6:

I chose Flexr6 as a team initially because of you Ken. What you offered and how you were so there on email when a client contacts you. You make people feel extremely welcomed and wanted, you also help them to believe that anything is possible and you can achieve any body you want. I love that you are always there for each and everyone of us, no matter where you are in the world. I have stayed for the amazing results I have seen since being on your program and because this team is like no other. We NEVER put anyone down, we always push our team members when they are down and we all strive to unite and be the greatest. I have never felt like such a valued team member and here we are all equal  so much love for you all! …………… Felicia, Melbourne

I love the Team Interaction and knowing my health and fitness growth is in the hands of a professional, Why change something that works and continues to work. I remember the night I was about to quit and having your coach tell you " I believe in you and what you can bring to this sport" I'll never ever forget that, my life has been start and not finish and well I haven't given up so I'm reaching personal goals I never thought I'd reach …………… Hayley, Melbourne

I chose flexr6 as my good friend Justin Donnelly was a team member and I saw the incredible results he achieved and wanted the same for myself! The reason I have stayed with the team is because of the amazing transformation I have achieved in three months. I have lost over 12 kilos and this is the best shape I have ever been in! I also love the support of the team and love being part of a team who have the same passion as myself! Not to forget everyone's selfies ……… Liam, Gold Coast
Ken friended me on Facebook last year after a comp. I found out through another competitor that Ken was a trainer and she had been with him since sometime last year. After talking to her about what she thought of Flexr6 Ken Ross she assured me he was the best.

So here I am loving every minute. Am super happy with the support I get via email and the FB page. I like that all the team are supportive with each other on the net. Couldn't be happier…………Karen, Boorowa

If you are considering competing for the first time then Flexr6 provides your complete competition preparation package. Click on the Flexr6 sidebar ad on the INBA website and send Flexr6 a message. All enquiries will be answered within 24hrs!

One Life, One Body, One Club, One INBA - Welcome to the Family Onelife - Another Quality Affiliate
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Our newest INBA Family member is Onelife Gymnasium who are affiliated to INBA ACT and have a very impressive record already. Headed up by Melanie Kauffman Buck (pictured) who held her first Comp on the 27th April 2014 at Batemans Bay Soldiers Club. It was called Fitness on the coast Grand Amateur Titles the difference with this comp was that it was strictly for first time competitors only. They had the normal category’s that you would expect at a well run competition but also added some extra divisions like youth fitness, a 50kg plus weight loss category and Fitness Momma!

The marketing and promotion of this comp was very different to the standard marketing used as Mel contacted over 100 gyms and trainers with a marketing plan to implement at their business to increase PT, member retention etc. so the gym used the competition as a goal for their clients to train for and because the show was only for first timers it attracted people that would of otherwise never competed.

Melanie ended up with 60 competitors and 300 spectators, 2 athletes received sponsorship as a direct result of this show the standard of the athletes was fantastic. It was definitely a win for the sport as she then took more than 10 athletes to compete in regular INBA shows that followed. Next year’s event will be even better and Melanie reports she is so honoured to be affiliated with INBA Australia via INBA ACT.

The 2015 competition will be a two show format with the first show being the Grand Amateur Titles (first time competitors, novice) and show 2 the INBA ACT South Coast Championships will be open for all INBA Financial members. We have already secured some great sponsors and have a lot of interest from Athletes.

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