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What's the best part about INBA Australia
Welcome to INBA Australia
Merry Christmas 2014 - Happy New Year 2015
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Dear Friends,

I write to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and update you on how with your support INBA was able to deliver improved events and services to the sport and Australian competitors. Some of the achievements in 2014 included:

v -  $200,000 expansion of iCompete functionality to make entering and amending details for competitors a fast and convenient experience.

v -  Conducted $100,000 of drug testing with our partners ASADA.

v  - 16 Competitor Team represented Australia in Europe (Slovakia) at the INBA World Championships.

v  - 62 Competitor Team represented Australia in America (San Diego) at the INBA Natural Olympia.

v  - Added 6 more Australian contests to our yearly calendar.

v -  Establish a new Guinness Book of Record for the sport.

v  - INBA Australia became the highest ranking bodybuilding website in the world.

v -  Introduced Free (or cost-recovery) workshops and posing classes for participants in every state of Australia.

v  - Provided Judges Feedback to competitors in selected trial events with great success and this will now become part of every show in 2015

v  - Added exciting new divisions like Mr Physique for men and INBA Angels for women.

v  - Smashed 1,000 entries in the QLD State Titles.

v  - Added three Expo events where a total of 90,000 spectators were able to witness INBA competition and competitors.

v  - Appointed Tony Ben as INBA Australia’s International Ambassador to attend international events as an Official representing competitors on their behalf.

The INBA will continue to build a strong organisation because it will result in higher standards at events and a better contest experience and prosperity for INBA competitors. A list of exiting improvements will be announced early in 2015. It has been my privilege to help and assist many INBA Members with a variety of requests this year and watch you go forth and achieve your dreams. Merry Christmas and I hope to serve you again in 2015.

Ron Ziemiecki
INBA Australian Events Director 

35 Domestic Australian drug tested natural competitions set down for 2015
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35 Domestic Australian drug tested natural competitions, with stringent qualification criteria in place to make sure that every athlete has a fair chance of going through their grades and improving and eventually rising to the top of the sport in your region, city, state, country and finally to travel to exotic countries to take on the best in the world.

In 2015 our major away events will be the World Championships in Dubai and also the supreme event, the Natural Olympia in the entertainment capital of the world - Las Vegas.

2015 ushers in a new era of Pro Elite Qualifiers where the truly gifted naturals can win their way right through to becoming a Pro, but don't think that's easy, you need to be at the top of your game and take all before you here in Australia first. When you win in the INBA you have a credible win, one with substance. Our larger line ups are legendry, this year we had 1,000 entrants at a Queensland event, our average is between 300 to 400 competitors depending on the grade of the event, so there are no hollow victories here. Every win or placing is earned.

INBA Australia is the only genuine National Association with full representation in all 8 states and territories, even the most remote regions of our wonderful land have multiple events during the year so no Australians are disadvantaged in our sport. INBA Australia was the first natural association in Australia back in 1991, when we partnered with ASADA and we are still the most active association in the country and most pro-active in terms of penalties and that's for all sports, not just bodybuilding.

The jewel in the crown is iCompete, our own proprietary software that has been 4 years in development for a total in excess of half a million dollars, that 100% controls the membership and event entry of all athletes plus does so many things all designed for one purpose only, which is to make your career totally hassle free. You can control every aspect of your competitions from any device anywhere at anytime. Simply Brilliant. 2015 certainly looms as a giant of a year, and you should have already started planning your assault, here is our calendar which (in all modesty has been out for months).

2015 INBA Regional Physique Fitness Bikini and Bodybuilding Titles
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A monster year for 2015 is planned for NSW, with competitions in every direction of the state, amazing prizes throughout the year, opportunities to go on to various international destinations, superb venues, brilliant staging and super attention to the smallest details. It all starts on 29th March 2015 in the glorious city of Albury.

This competition in its second year of running should be a beauty given the success of the 2014 version. The  Regional Titles look to be heading towards another massive show, interest so far has been amazing.

If you're thinking of doing this competition or know anyone looking to get their feet wet in Season A, please tag them or share this post. This is a GREAT opportunity to get some experience and shake off those comp nerves leading into the BIGGEST Season A EVER!!! NSW is the biggest and best state and it's not by accident!!!

All Eyes on the ACT in 2015 starting in April
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2015 is shaping as a super year for the ACT with more INBA competitions than ever before - here is the first draft of the 2015 INBA Canberra & Country Titles set down for April 19th just one day after the  Clash At The Coast - two brilliant events in two days!

The Diet Challenge's 11 secret herbs aren't a secret anymore!!!
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The Diet Challenge's 11 secret herbs aren't a secret anymore, in fact we are really thrilled with the response to sales since we launched here. The idea of natural bodybuilding, bikini & fitness modelling isn't just a fancy slogan, we are serious about supplying you truly natural ingredients that are 100% genuinely organic and only the ones that are beneficial to competitors - these 11 specially selected herbs are the key to presenting a better YOU on stage when you next step on stage. If you aren't a competitor, the same rules apply, you need to look after yourself regardless of if you compete or not.

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