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What's the best part about INBA Australia
Welcome to INBA Australia
INBA Tropix endorsed by the Townsville City Council
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It is with great pleasure we announce tonight the official support and endorsement by the Townsville City Council. Our event now sees the support for the next 2 years under the Festivals and Events Grant Program. To say we are excited is an understatement as we see this support as a major stepping stone in developing our event for the whole of North Queensland. We would like to sincerely thank the... team at TCC for allowing us to work towards delivering what we hope to be among one of the best community events in the region. So please share this post out to ensure all our INBA family, and of course, the greater fitness community who strive to a healthier lifestyle and most importantly create that healthy happy home.
NSW INBA Muscle Model Supershow, join the revolution!
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#iCompeteINBA #INBArevolution join the revolution today! People in NSW, get the supreme contest to flex their muscles!!! All three INBA NSW Competitions are now on iCompete, that means you can enter the event of your choice in less than 60 seconds. You get instant confirmation, you can change divisions at any time before the event closes (usually 1 or 2 days before the actual event), join online right now and pay later - it just doesn't get any easier or classier than that - welcome to the revolution, NSW is 100% technologically GO!!!

Australia's Golden Girl Cleo Brown does it again!!!
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INBA Australian Global Superstar and PT extraordinaire Cleo Brown blows away the opposition taking 1st Place Ms Fitness Universe & 5th Place Pro Bikini Universe in Chicago.

Cleo asked us to thank everyone who sent her good luck messages, she read and felt every single one of them! Now it's time to party with the gang here in Chicago! Photograph, a beaming Cleo Brown the toast of Australia and the Universe.

The Big V Championships smash 200 easily and rising!
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As the Big V Championships enters the ‘business end’ and the final 2 week period we have 219 entries registered already. Traditionally, we double the entries in the final 2 week period which means the INBA Victorian Titles may be looking at 400 bodies strutting onstage this September 14. Not surprising, with the Australian Titles in sunny Brisbane this year, INBA only has this one Premier Show in Victoria for Season B. Tickets are only $49 for Adults! We want make sure the crowd matches the record entries. (Tickets only on sale at Moonee Valley Race Course on the day).

Please find attached the Victorian Poster and we’d like to ask you to post it on your Facebook page to create awareness for your family and friends as this is the only INBA event in Melbourne between now and 2015.

INBA Victorian Championships: As at 31 August 2014 (2 weeks to go!)
Number of Entries 219

Men's Teenage                       4
Ms. Figure Master 40+            5
Ms. Figure Master 50+            3
Men's Junior                            5
Figure International Open        6
Men's Master 40+                    3
Men's Master 50+                    0
Ms. Figure Novice                    7
Men's Novice                          14
Men's Intermediate                  1
Ms. Figure Intermediate           7
Men's Under 72kg                    5
Men's Under 77kg                    2
Men's 77.1Kg Plus                   4
Ms. Figure Open                     10
Men's Open                              7
INBA Angels                             5
Bikini Momma                           5
Mr BeachBody                          8
Ms FitnessModel 30+               10
Men's Fitness Model                 9
Ms FitnessModel Novice          27
Mr Physique                             17
Ms FitnessModel Intermediate 6
Bikini Novice                             19
Ms FitnessModel Open            16
Bikini 30+                                 4
Bikini Open                              10

Tomorrow I think I'll wear my Mermaid G-Loves for chest
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"Just got off work.  Looking forward to an intense back workout to take my mind off everything.  I arrive at the gym, change into my gear.  Living End blasting in my ears.  I strap on my Hot Pink Camo G-Loves, it's time to go!!

I start with 5 pull-ups.  Beat my record.  No slip grip in full effect!  I move from the seated row to the dumbbells.  I'm in the zone; passionate and focused on my goals. 

My hands are feeling protected!  I get a firm grip on the rear delt machine.  My back is feeling tight.  Just  the way I love it.

A women strikes up a conversation with me as I am taking off my gloves.  She says I look "glamorous" in them.  She asks:  "And they can handle your hardcore workout?"    I reply:  "My hands are smooth, soft and pain-free."   G-Loves are the ultimate workout glove for the fashionista athlete. 

Tomorrow I think I'll wear my Mermaid G-Loves for chest day."

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