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Psychological Readiness for Your First Competition – Part 4
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Psychological Readiness for Your First Competition – Part 4

by Loretta on November 26, 2014

This is the fourth article in a seven-part series about mentally preparing for your first competition. We follow the psychological course of 31-year old mother Emma Grant, as she prepares for her first experience as a Fitness competitor. You can catch up by reading article 1, article 2 and article 3.

In this article we examine the psychological ingredients that Emma brought to the contest prep and competition phases. These are her personal characteristics (or personality), her beliefs and her attitudes, as well as her own definition of success and failure. We need to remember that competing transcends the physical, meaning that a multitude of mental factors infiltrate the entire process. Your personality, beliefs and attitudes were a part of you long before your idea to compete was even a twinkle in your eye. You not only bring your body to the task, you also bring your understanding of the world and yourself. Read the full article here.
Get ready Australia - 2015 will BLOW - YOUR - MIND
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Get ready Australia - 2015 will BLOW - YOUR - MIND

INBA Australia Recommends Diet Challenge - SUPER STACK
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INBA Australia through it's research and development arm have maintained an interest in bring natural organic supplement products to the tens of thousands of men and women competitors as well as the general public who want to improve their health and fitness.

The SUPER STACK for a limited time only gives you the top three selling products in one purchase at an introductory price plus enough quantity to see for yourself how stacking these three products will whip you into shape, burn the excess body fat and keep it off and build up your immune system all at the same time.

The best part is that these products are safe to take in sports that are tested for doping and carry the INBA Australia recommendation, which is rarely given. The Diet Challenge is dedicated to delivering the absolute best products without all the flimflam just like our competition arm delivers the best events. Everything we do, we do well.

Durathon is the must try natural agent for fat metabolism. Durathon consists of a Chinese herb, ciwujia (pronounced su-wah-ja), a potent Asian herb which transfers your body's energy source from carbohydrate metabolism to fat metabolism - burn more fat calories. You can experience significant body fat loss. Moreover, the carbohydrate sparing benefit will improve physical and mental duration. Sufferers of fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) have stated excellent results from using Durathon due to slowing lactic acid build up which causes muscle soreness and physical fatigue.

Increase the amount of fat burnt during activity. Utilization rate of 3% can increase to 46%. Significant body fat loss. Reduce, as much as 33%, lactic acid build up. Increase anaerobic threshold by up to 12 percent. Protect the heart. Beneficial to suffers of fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Extend the duration of mental concentration.

Xanabol the World's first anabolic fat burner! The ultimate physical transformation supplementation technology. Xanabol is an encapsulated copy of the anabolic formulated Ayurvedic medicine used in place of (western) anabolic steroids in Ayurvedic hospitals throughout India.

The anabolic effect contributes to increased nitrogen metabolism and retention, increase muscle weight and faster muscle repair. In addition, Xanabol includes remarkable fat burning properties.

SUPERFOOD DAILY unites the world's most powerful SUPERFOODS blended with enhanced vegetable compounds to create a vitally important supplement containing meaningful levels of nutrients to nourish, protect, restore, defend and optimise the body and its functionality across a broad health spectrum.

SUPERFOOD DAILY was developed privately without commercial intention to provide a personal health shield and insurance - with an elite nutritional coverage for enhancing daily productivity and wellness. After six years of selected personal use its word of mouth recommendation now sees SUPERFOOD DAILY available.

This Super Summer Stack is the answer to getting shredded, staying that way and staying healthy, you will be able to resist the dreaded bugs that try to weaken your immune system, but they will fail because you will have protection. Make this super summer stack something you will want to take all year around.

Available for next day delivery - purchase securely here:

The most important natural event in Australian history is about to happen
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The most important natural event in Australian history is about to happen. The 6 times Natural Mr. Olympia Kiyoshy Moody (USA) is coming to Australia.

Once again the incredible promotional skills of Tony Lanciano INBA/PNBA Australian President has been able to convince the world’s all-time greatest ever natural bodybuilder to come to Australia.

Tony has secured Kiyoshi for an incredible two weeks in April 2015 to coincide with the INBA 2015 Southern Cross Championships held in conjunction with the Australian Fitness & Health Expo where 30,000 people are expected to witness the fantastic INBA Southern Cross Championships, centrepiece of the entire event.

If the prospect of the 30,000 people and the who’s who of the health and fitness industry being there doesn’t excite you and if an astounding 18 trips to Dubai being given away as part of the promotion doesn’t float your boat, then Kiyoshi being there to chat to you and have photographs taken with, must surely tip you over the edge.

The INBA 2015 Southern Cross Championships in Victoria on 11th & 12th April will feature the top 3 from each of six divisions (Men’s Bodybuilding Open, Ms Figure Open, Ms Fitness Model Open, Ms Bikini Model Open, Mr Physique and Men's Fitness Model Open) receiving return flights to Dubai for the INBA/PNBA Elite Pro World Championships. For more details on the PNBA Elite Pro Qualifier or the Kiyoshi Moody Downunder Tour please contact Tony Lanciano on 0402 55 55 05

However by far the most attractive draw card will be the presence of Kiyoshi Moody, who will have several lengthy interviews conducted by the effervescent Tony Lanciano, who now must be acknowledged by all as the greatest ever Australian promoter. Kiyoshi will not being posing during the DOWNUNDER Tour.

Tony has organized and is still working on appearances at many of the leading gymnasiums and other promotional activities such as PT and Training Camps that will fill Kiyoshi’s two week stint in Australia. If you are interested to get Kiyoshi to your Gym or industry related business please contact Tony.

As recently as the 8th November Kiyoshi retained his Natural Olympia crown and stretched his reign to an unprecedented 6 consecutive wins. One of the best speakers on the giant American Pro circuit and a charismatic personality coupled to a most photogenic disposition, Kiyoshi will endear himself to tens of thousands of Australian fans during his tour.

More details will be released of appearance times and locations soon, so the best way to see and hear the most of Kiyoshi Moody is by competing in the INBA 2015 Southern Cross Championships, full contest detail here…/sto…/2015southerncrossentryform.pdf

Don’t forget that INBA Australia is a paperless association and has a fully automated membership and event registration system called iCompete which can be accessed here

Image: Kiyoshi Moody flanked on either side by Aussies Michael Waddington & Justin Firgaira

Visit for round the clock news.
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Psychological Readiness for Your First Competition – Part 1, 2, 3
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This is the first article in a seven-part series about mentally preparing for your first competition. We follow the psychological course of 31-year old mother Emma Grant, as she prepares for her first experience as a Fitness competitor. I spent six weeks pre-comp and two weeks post-comp with Emma, delving into her thoughts, emotions, fears, expectations, challenges and daily life as she readied herself for the INBA Victorian Championships, and how she coped in the aftermath of the show. The competition was held on 14th September 2014 at Moonee Valley Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia. Emma was the perfect candidate for this project, because she volunteered an abundance of personal information that herein provides valuable insight for the target audience of this article – that audience being anyone who is considering competing for the first time, or who is currently immersed in preparing for their stage debut. Read the full story here. Editors Note: Part Two out now here. Part three available here.

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