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Welcome to INBA Australia
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Natalie Adams gets a fantastic INBA All Female Classic gift to last a lifetime
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I'm a Perth born girl who up until last month was living in regional Victoria (Horsham). I've always been a very active person with an up bringing and love for dance that had me on stage for many years ballet dancing. After 2 knee recos and a move interstate with work at the age of 22, its fair to say my dedication and focus transitioned from fitness to career. I remember almost 2 years ago looking at myself and thinking... where have I gone wrong?
Around the same time a new gym opened in town and the owners where young and motivated and brought some of Melbourne's flare a country town. I sighed up, started weight training with a personal trainer and found a 'new' passion and new lease on life.
I'm one to give everything I do 100%, so with training came hours and days and weeks and months of endless reading and researching to connect me with as much information as I could find. I found roll models and motivators and teachers (social media had a big roll to play in this)... I was someone who couldn't connect physically with these people so had to do my best to work on this remotely. I soon worked out that no matter how hard I busted my but on the gym floor, I was only going to get so far without the guidance of an expert with my nutrition and goals. It was at this time I found Zoe Daly who is an online trainer and Australian pro where we started our 12 months "quest to the stage".
Together, Zoe and I stripped everything back to basics and began to rebuild my mindset, metabolism and muscle structure with no real goal in mind. It was Zoe who chose the INBA All Female Classic as a competition to work towards after us both agreeing we needed a goal and a date, and the INBA AFC gave me 6 months of steady prep.
At the same time I travelled a lot with work and knew it was going to be complete dedication if nothing else that I would need if I was ever going to be ready. We would all be fools if we thought this sport was an individual competition because if it wasn't for my partner & family as moral support and motivation I wouldn't have got to experience what I have. I think our family and friends sacrifice more than actual competitors at times as mentally it can be hard for them to either accept or understand.
After joining Vicki Arief for group posing classes in Melbourne and then connecting with 'Margret Gnarr (USA)' for 2 weeks of intense one-on-one posing lessons that we did via recorded sessions and exchanged via social media, the big day was finally here. My peek week count down was over and I got to 'shine'. I had no preconceived expectations other than 'do everyone that helped get me here proud' don't leave anything in the tank or think 'what if'.
On the 22end of June, I stood on stage with hundreds of girls that all where there for different reasons. I cant thank the INBA enough for such an amazing experience and for helping to create so many memory's. I know after all the tan has washed off, bikini's packed away and photos filed - it can all seem like such a distant memory. I'm extremely lucky to have such a wonderful partner (Steve), who today gifted to me my memories behind glass, to be kept for a long time to come and remind me to continue to chase big dreams! NA xx

Whitney-Rae Freyling is dressed to represent AUSTRALIA
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Whitney-Rae Freyling is so excited to receive her Team Australia shirt in the mail today. The smile says just how excited she really is. Australian uniforms are available for purchase from the INBA online store here.
18,000 FACEBOOKS Likes and rocketing up - Thank you to All that LIKED us so far.
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Thank you 18,000 times, we appreciate each and everyone of you thank LIKED our Facebook Page and will continue to make this an informative, fair, unbiased and newsworthy Facebook page. Hopefully you will interact with us, share our page with your friends and help us get to the next milestone.

Vicki Arief & Danielle Mondo to star at Mini INBA Expo - Mick's Gym - Sunday 20th July 2014
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Vicki Arief's group posing class on Sunday at Micks Gym is going to be almost a "mini expo". Her latest addition to the comp info team is the lovely INBA Fitness Champion Danielle Mondo who will be bringing her stunning selection of amazing jewellery, for competition and general wear. So do not miss this great event commencing at 1pm Sunday 20th July, we also have Posing Wear, Comp Shoes, Tanning, Makeup, and now Jewellery, and of course very informative, posing sessions with Vicki Arief, and I think our creative DVD Man Ian Adams will be whizzing around amongst the competitors! So excited! Vicki is on Facebook if you need any more information 

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