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What's the best part about INBA Australia
Welcome to INBA Australia
Women of Australia stand up and take centre stage at the 2014 INBA ALL FEMALE CLASSIC
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Tony Lanciano has taken yet another giant step towards making the 2014 INBA All Female Classic potentially the most important competition ever run in Australia. In a landmark breakthrough finally for the first time ever, the natural bodybuilders, bikini and fitness models of Australia can make a genuine difference towards breast cancer research. Tony wants no pats on the back he is doing the fundraising because he truly believes in the cause and is happy to use his world class All Female event to be the vehicle to both drive public awareness and to actually raise funds. When Tony invented the All Female Classic back in 2005 little did he know that every federation in just about every country of the world would copy him, but at the end of the day its a tribute to women who play a very important role in the iron game and deserve their time to shine.

INBA Victoria is also proud to announce a New Category to be introduced at the INBA 2014 All Female Classic Championships to be held on June 22nd at Moonee Valley Racecourse.

This category 'INBA ANGELS' is open to ALL Female competitors, including, Bikini, Fitness, and Figure competitors. This is the chance to Bling, Feather, Glitz and Glam up you Bikinis and add a Las Vegas/Victoria's Secret effect to your costume. The placegetters will be determined on the best overall presentation on the day, taking poise, walk, personality, overall body condition, and effort into account. This is designed as a ‘fun’ more relaxed type Category focusing on Colour and Entertainment as well. We will be including it in the future INBA Victorian Posing Workshops, choreography and tips on how to ‘Bling’ up your costumes at a reasonable cost to the competitor! This category will be exclusive to the INBA All Female Classic in Victoria! So come on ladies let's bring a touch of ‘Vegas’ to Moonee Valley in June.

Plus every Bikini Model at the INBA All Female Classic will receive a beautiful INBA bracelet. Full details of this amazing competition (sorry boys, women only).

So all eyes are now firmly focused on the 2014 INBA All Female Classic which is less than three weeks away and boasts not only being the original and oldest All Female Classic in the world but several new innovations such as the 'Fun' division for ladies called INBA Angels, and also a joint fundraising effort between INBA Victoria and the Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia.

The event will be held at the fabulous Mooney Valley Racecourse which is clearly the best venue in the country and much loved by the thousands of natural competitors that have contested events there over the last few years. Scheduled for Sunday 22nd June from 1pm to 6pm and home in time to watch your favourite Sunday night TV shows with your family.

All women competitors, judges, MC, backstage helpers - in fact the only men you will see will be sitting in the spacious seating looking up at the sensational women of muscle and fitness of Australia. This unique event conceived by legendary Victorian promoter Tony Lanciano continues to be emulated by every other federation both here and around the world and well, to be honest we are flattered that everyone else copies us, it means we are leading by fine example.

Full details and
entry form available here.

2014 INBA B Seasons comes alive in Western Australia
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The state to be in during the 2014 INBA B season is definitely Western Australia, they are sizzling hot and the quality of the competitors is the envy of the entire country. Full details and entry forms here.
Michelle Mazins has a huge heart with plenty of determination
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Michelle competed at The City Nationals held at Castle Hill on her 37th birthday June 1st and placed 2nd in Open Fitness model Division. She also had a 5th placing in March at the Rookie & Novice show.

Next she will be representing the Airforce at the Defence & Emergency Services in QLD on September 14th.

Michelle has successfully lost over 42kg after going through a Toxic Thyroid Storm, undergoing radiation treatment and having her Thyroid totally removed a few years ago. Because she went toxic her brain would not accept the required medication for over a year and therefore she reached 102.5kg regardless of eating clean and training hard.

She gave herself a realistic goal 3 years to stick to extremely clean eating and training and stayed at the same weight for a year constant, instead of giving up she kept the promise to herself and stuck to the 3 year timeline set!!

After about a year her body really started to accept the medication and slowly but surely day in day out she proved that it was worth the wait and her body transformed. The thyroid is associated with hard weight battles but Michelle strongly believes if you are dealt something like this you moreso should fuel your body, mind and spirit to be the best you that you can be. Then there is no doubt you have giving everything and will live with NO regrets.

After experiencing the hardest battle with her illness at the end of 2012, she remain committed to a fit and healthy lifestyle and is now currently at her healthiest and her Thyroid levels are balanced with the aid of daily medication.

Michelle is a firm believer in fuelling your body with good nutritious foods and supplementing this with good quality Supplements. Michelle knows first-hand what it is like to accept and live with a medical condition that sometimes flares up and raises additional challenges. She is no doctor but she is proof that with hard work, determination and effort anyone can get results.

Michelle stated that it was one of the proudest and most rewarding days of her journey standing in front of her friends and family on stage and showing them how far she had come since being extremely ill a few years ago. Michelle's motto given to her from her coach Diana Chaloux "HITCHFIT" is "Believe, Transform and Inspire".

She believed, she transformed and now her goal is to give hope and inspire anyone that may be in a situation they feel medically or mentally it just seems too much like an uphill battle, that with persistence dedication and just a tad of Hardin up !!! Anything is possible.

Liz Hall displays her transformation on an INBA stage - Well Done
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This is Liz Hall who was sent to us from INBA QLD, I'm sure everyone will agree that Liz has found the solution to going down the wrong path and now enjoys a healthy lifestyle. Liz met her personal Diet Challenge of eating clean and regular exercise - well done Liz, we will watch as you climb the competition ladder and show the world your continuing improvement.
2014 INBA TROPIX B Season Posters now online
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The 2014 INBA Tropix Natural North Queensland Championships is such a huge event, that it actually has two posters, check them out, full details and entry form available here.
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