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Peta Jade is getting excited as she gets ready for the INBA A season comps
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Peta Jade is a Brisbane girl that's a health and fitness junkie and she's in full prep mode for her first comp. She's competing in the INBA Novice Rising Star & Rookie Of The Year competitions down in Moonee Valley in the Bikini division then will be taking on the Fitness Model division in the 2015 INBA Brisbane Classic. Peta say's "Get excited!!!"
Melissa Parkinson looking great whilst repping PlanetMAX Tasmania
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Melissa Parkinson repping her PlanetMAX Tasmania top at the Tasmanian Health and Fitness Expo. 
Zachary Ward 6ft 3ins and 90kg makes an imposing INBA Australia X-Factor image
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Zachary Ward, this image taken 10 weeks out from INBA Novice Rising Star & Rookie Of The Year Competitions. Zachary is 6"3 and 90kg and is looking forward to a big year of competing with INBA Australia.
Tafara Muchechemera looks a picture of good health
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Tafara Muchechemera Looks a picture of good health and vitality on Sunday afternoon.
Kelly Anne Farrell with some sound advice in her IGNIGHT selfie
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Kelly Anne Farrell hopes to open the eyes of the fitness world to, its not only about losing weight. She had to regain it and learn that she's the one in control of her body, not the other way around.
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