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What's the best part about INBA Australia
Welcome to INBA Australia
iCompete INBA is starting to trend globally, join the revolution
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Join INBA Australia and be proud to wear the 'iCompete INBA' logo. If you do, you tell the world you're clean and don't need any 'help'. Join here now. #iCompeteINBA is starting to trend globally, please share and tag your posts and articles, tweets etc. with #iCompeteINBA every person that wears this badge of honour is a fighter for fair play.

Nutrition responsible for approximately 70% of your improvement
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Nutrition will be responsible for approximately 70% of the improvement during a Diet Challenge. Amazing is it not? For all the power, guts and glory exhibited during exercising and/or the dollars spent on supplements, they all fade into a f...raction of the gain made from having and following a superior nutritional strategy.

Let me introduce the best nutritional advice immediately in this chapter. It can rescue your or someone else from almost certain failure. A successful nutritional strategy involves discipline and commitment to your goal. A successful nutritional strategy does not involve suffering.

A characteristic of the participants who sign-up for a Diet Challenge is their courage. Nothing short of personal strength is a mandatory requirement to not only stop current negative behaviour and patterns, but to turn these around and head towards amazing change. However, this personal power needs to be controlled and focused on producing positive results, not used blindly to turn the attempted transformation into a negative experience.

Continue reading here to explore all the possibilities of a better life.
2014 INBA NT Physique Championships
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2014 INBA NT Physique Championships, a sparkling sporting event at the top end of our beautiful country. INBA Australia, the only true national association in Australia with a healthy active association in all 8 states and territories. The NT Info Pack is available for instant download here.

Who Are You Really Competing With?
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Competition is a powerful motivator for bodybuilders and figure athletes.

Peoples’ perspectives on competing, winning and losing are different, but if you stay focused on your own efforts and the factors that you can control, then whether or not you hold that trophy will become secondary to your competitive success.

Competitive bodybuilding necessarily contains an element of competition. That is obvious. But who, or what, are you competing with?

Read the rest of this fascinating article by clicking here. Written by Loretta Watson (pictured) competitor & trained psychologist.

iCompete with INBA Australia a runaway smash hit
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Most INBA competitions have switched over to the new iCompete event registration system, if you are already an INBA Member, please click here to go to the iCompete login, use your original e-mail address or 4 digit membership number and password, then Enter Event. Registration takes about 2 minutes

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