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What's the best part about INBA Australia
Welcome to INBA Australia
More exciting random images from the INBA Australia SUPER Weekend
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A few more exciting random images from the INBA Australia SUPER Weekend

More random images from INBA Australia SUPER Weekend
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More random images from INBA Australia SUPER Weekend including NSW, QLD, VIC & TAS - you have to agree, no one can do it like INBA Australia and iCompete. #iCompeteINBA #INBArevolution join the revolution today! 

Some Random Images from Day One of the INBA Super-Weekend
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A random selection of images from day one of INBA Australia Super-Weekend.

INBA Australia Proud to honour the Defence and Emergency Services
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INBA Australia are proud to honour our courageous men and women of the Defence and Emergency Services, the greatest gift you can give is to put your life on the line to save others in need and these folks do it every single day. As we celebrate via the 2014 INBA Defence & Emergency Services Physique Titles held this year in Brisbane, Queensland, we say thank you to each and every person that helps keep Australia safe. Bloody well done!!!

INBA Australia crack the 4,000,000 Website Visitor Mark
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Congratulations to INBA Australia for passing the 4 million visitor mark on this award winning website. Rated number 1 on Google for the last 2 years, INBA Australia is very excited and grateful to every single person that has visited since ...we began counting people through our analytics program.

The website has clocked up the 4,000,000 visitors in just 4 years despite the site being much older than that. If we would have had a counter on it since day one, the number would be much higher.

INBA Australia was formed 23 years ago and has functioned non-stop and has grown to be one of the leading sports associations in the country.

INBA Australia forged an association with ASADA back on day one and are one of the leading sports bodies working with the anti-doping authority.

INBA Australia has many long term corporate relationships and values every sponsor and advertiser we have ever had. It's true that there are now a raft of new young people in key positions throughout the association but the core principles put in place by the founder Wayne McDonald back in 1991 still holds and it's a legacy we hold very dear and are truly grateful for.

Above all else however is our unwavering protection of our members. Our slogan of a level playing field isn't just words, it's our creed and everything we do, is to facilitate a better deal for our members.

We spent a vast amount of money, time and energy to create iCompete which is the ultimate online membership and event registration software, which makes life for a member a piece of cake.

We know we are doing the right thing because this weekend alone we will have well over 400 competitors in Victoria and 550 competitors in Qld at just two of 5 events being held on this weekend alone.

We really don't like to brag too much and reserve our publicity department for promoting our members, supporting PT's and Gyms and sponsors but well let's face it, you don't crack 4 million very often and it will be another year before we announce 5 million, so please understand and share in our joy.

Now, it' back to work, we have 5 super events to run in a couple of days and we are all working towards, closing the entries then doing the splitting of large divisions into smaller more manageable numbers and communicating final messages to the athletes. Don't worry, your promoters are working around the clock and no one will have an unanswered question by the time the comps roll around. We have the best promoters in the game bar none and they know their stuff, trust in them that they will let you know of important info, you don't need to contact them.

Good luck to every competitor in every competition, most of you will be proceeding towards the Australia and that is going to be the two day event of the millennium so far, it will blow one thousand competitors out of the water and if we have our way, will be recognized as an authentic Guinness World Record. (More on that in future updates).

4,000,000 wahoooooooooooooooooooooo go you good thing!!!!!!
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