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What's the best part about INBA Australia
Welcome to INBA Australia
Rookie Of The Year Championships just went over the 200 competitor mark
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The 2014 INBA Novice Rising Star and Rookie Of The Year Championships just went over the 200 competitor mark with still time to go to register, so all we can say is - THANK YOU. Tickets are available at the door of Mooney Valley Racecourse on Sunday, full details here.

Another super success at the INBA Posing Workshop
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Today's INBA posing Class at Derrimut 24:7 Gym - Caroline Springs was another success thanks to Vicki Arief, Tony Lanciano and plenty of other unsung heroes who pour so much time and energy into our beginners and newbies. Here is Zoe Barber (pictured) with one of the posters that INBA Australian President Tony Lanciano was giving out today! This particular poster is for the Southern Cross Championships which will be the next big INBA competition in Victoria after the INBA 2014 Novice Rising Star and Rookie Of The Year Championships, full details about every one of the 29 INBA Australian competitions this year can be found here.

LAST CHANCE TRAINING - Sunday 23rd Feb - for the INBA Novice Rising Star & Rookie Of The Year Championships
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The running order for the INBA's next Victorian posing class run by Vicki Arief at Derrimut 24/7 Gym Caroline Springs is on Sunday 23rd of February.

1.00pm-1.45pm - Mr Beach body, Men's Fitness
1.45pm - 2.00pm - Q & A

2.00pm - 3.15pm - Female Fitness, Bikini - All Levels of experience

3.15pm - 3.30pm - IKKIN WEAR showing of competition bikini styles and colours
3.30pm - 4.30pm - Men's Physique and Men's Bodybuilding

4.30pm - 5.30pm - Ms Figure International and Ms Figure

5.30pm - Stay on and have a yummy dinner at Derrimut's Famous cafe, a great way to end the day!

Ladies: please wear crop top and shorts, and bring high heels, to practice in.
Guys: Shorts, towel & deodorant, thanks!

Cost: Only $15 each or all Derrimut Gym members Free. INBA Australian President Tony Lanciano will be in attendance to answer any questions on rules, regulations, eligibility and so on.

Contact: INBA for any further details, this will be your last chance to brush up on your posing before the 2014 INBA Rising Star & Rookie of the Year competitions scheduled for March 2nd.

Full contest details here.


Huge news for the 2014 INBA Rising Star & Rookie Of The Year Championships
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Huge news for the 2014 INBA Rising Star & Rookie Of The Year Championships, the outstanding promotional genius of legendary promoter Tony Lanciano has once again taken the sport to new heights. This year Tony has retained all the great things from the past like, no registration day, just a quick backstage Check-In, no free posing, no having to mix your music, you now get judged 100% on what you bring to the stage, not on who can afford the best music mixer. No more finishing at 1.00am, no more starving all day, Tony provides free food, not to mention some divisions get sportswear from our super sponsors in Black and Blue, whilst everyone will get the other gifts offered. All of those things are just standard now Tony has come up with a couple of ideas that will make you feel like a superstar.

First idea is to reward one lucky male and female with what is effectively a ‘door prize’, Tony went to all the major sponsors and asked for some gifts to make a couple of super prizes to be given away on the day. The way it works is simple, every sponsor will have a book of raffle tickets, you simply visit one of the sponsors and talk to them, ask questions and hear the answers and then you will get one free raffle ticket which you will write your name on. You can go to every sponsor and talk to each of them in turn and get lots of raffle tickets to increase your chance of winning. In the afternoon, we will do a live draw and give the wining male and female the prizes – very simple but highly effective. The sponsors get to engage with the audience and you get a chance to walk out of the Mooney Valley Racecourse with stacks of supplements and gifts from the sponsors – a true win/win.

Second idea is just as exciting and is directed toward the competitors in several divisions. Tony went to Mariya Mova, one of the leading photographers in Victoria and has been able to secure a free glamour photo shoot lasting ½ an hour, where you receive 10 edited images in either a gym or an outdoors location. There will be no finer way to build your portfolio and launch your career than to have world class professional photographs of yourself taken whilst you’re in super shape, this is an unbelievable opportunity for the winners of Bikini Model, Fitness Model, Male Fitness Model and Male Beach Body. This is absolutely free and a ‘bonus’ thrown in by Tony because he knows that the ‘Models’ work just as hard as any other divisions at staying fit, health and glamorous.

Full details, entry form and conditions available here,  this offer is only available to INBA members.

Posing workshop + Championships = MAGNIFICENT
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The next INBA Fitness Model and Natural Bodybuilding competition is the 2014 INBA Rising Star and Rookie Of The Year Championships to be held at Mooney Valley Racecourse on Sunday 2nd March, see here for full details. To help competitors we have the last posing workshop before the event detailed here!

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