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What's the best part about INBA Australia
Welcome to INBA Australia
Inaugural 2014 INBA North Coast (NSW) Classic Championships
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I'd like to thank all the courageous natural bodybuilders who are heading to our new competition in Newcastle, it's a brand new venue, a new comp, a new beginning for genuine drug tested natural competitors and we are going to rock the town like never before. You can still register right up to 12 midnight on Saturday night, we've got your back, we know some people just go . . .BOOM . . . and decide to compete, so if that's you, you're in. We will grow the competition over the years till it takes its place amongst the great competitions in our state and country. We believe that Newcastle is one of the great bodybuilding and modelling cities, up there with the likes of Townsville, so help us make this prediction come true and support the INBA at Newcastle this weekend for the inaugural 2014 INBA North Coast (NSW) Classic Championships for natural bodybuilders, bikini and fitness models. See you all on Sunday when the sleeping giant finally wakes up!!! Full details here.

2014 INBA North Coast (NSW) Classic 25th May
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Perhaps the most eagerly awaited contest every held in Newcastle, the 2014 INBA North Coast (NSW) Classic is on 25th May and it is going to be SPECIAL. Australia's premier promoter Rab Mehajer is pulling out all stops to make this the event the contest that all others are judged by. Nick Jones the absolute best MC perhaps in the entire world will be there to make your competition a memorable one and hundreds of natural athletes vying for various titles will make for a spectacular sporting event in the muscle capital of the universe - Newcastle!!!

Full details available for instant download here.

Learn The Secrets Behind The 4X Ms Australia, Janet Kane
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Janet Kane is one of the most successful natural competitors in the world having won 4 x Australian titles, 3 x INBA Olympia titles, 2 x INBA All Female Classic titles, 2 X Australasian title, Ms Asia Pacific and FitX as well as numerous state titles.

She is a competitor with one thing in mind, improvement. And year after year, she certainly brings that to the stage.

As Janet’s trainer and coach for many years I bet you would like some insights of what we do to help Janet continue to bring a better package to the stage. So here are my top tips!

1. Plan.

Both Janet and I love to plan. When Janet tells me her plans for the year of what shows she wants to do, I backward plan and periodise her training for the year. This way she can relax knowing what’s to come. Periodising training also allows you to break up the year and know exactly when to increase volume and intensity and when to deload and recover.

2. You can’t coach yourself.

As I find with most competitors, they can be a little hard on themselves which often directly translates to not resting when they need to. It’s an absolute must in this industry to have a hard work ethic, however, you grow at rest, not while lifting. When competitors are left to their own devices I find they train too much. With that said, there is also a time and a place for twice a day training, you just need to know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em. Having someone who you can trust who is not you is essential. You can’t see your back swing.

3. Its not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

Janet embodies this. There is no “offseason”. Its foods for purpose and everything is a choice. When it’s a choice you’re not “missing” out on anything. You’re the one who chose to get on stage, so remember; no one is taking anything way from you. For long-term success, make it a lifestyle. If someone asks, “are you dieting for a show?” smile and say no, this is how I always eat (even if you are actually getting ready for a show).

4. Work with someone who understands functional health.

For Janet, obviously that’s me (and my wife). What this allows us to do is assess Janet’s health on quantifiable levels.

Example, for Janet’s last prep we ran an organic acid profile which gave us specific information about Janet’s Kreb’s cycle- more importantly, the deficiencies in the metabolic pathways and what vitamins and minerals we could use to optimize her results while supporting her health and energy levels. We use functional lab tests in addition to BioSignature/BioPrint to make sure we have our bases covered.

Improving the health of a competitor improves the results hence functional health testing and the interpretation is an easy way to avoid any plateaus downs the line and also ensure the competitors health is in check at all times.

5. Measure

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Out of competition, I like to keep measurements around lifting. Example, bench press, squat, deadlift.

During comp prep, the most important things to measure is body fat (not weight on the scales). We use a 14-site body test assessing both, total body fat and skin folds. This way we can not only see if competitors are dropping body fat but where they are dropping body fat from.

By Mark Ottobre

If this all sounds too hard and you would like my team at Enterprise Fitness to take care of your prep, contact Enterprise Fitness by emailing or call 1300 887 143.

Additionally, I run a 2-day intensive internship program on training the female competitor where I give you exact training, nutrition and supplementation that we use with our competitors to give them extraordinary results. For more information on the Female Competitor Internship click here:

About Mark

Mark Ottobre, better known as Maximus Mark is owner and director of Melbourne’s Premier personal training studio, Enterprise Fitness. Mark specializes in outcome-driven, effective methods of supplementation, training and nutrition, as well as education for clients and personal trainers alike.

A coach, mentor and teacher to those seeking excellence in every facet of life, Mark is a leader of the health and fitness industry. It is his no-nonsense approach, knowledge and practical philosophies that allow his clients to transform their body, and to achieve optimal health naturally.

Mark has trained a multitude of champion figure and fitness competitors, including the 4-time Ms. Australia, Janet Kane. As a thought leader of the industry, Mark has a successful blog and hosts his own podcast show, Maximus Radio at Many of Mark’s clients and students travel from interstate and overseas to be trained, consult or learn from him at his private internship programs.

Mark is both a leader and forward thinker. With his wisdom and knowledge, he will continue to make an impact with the gift of greater health.

For any enquires about working, training or consulting with Mark or his team, please email or visit the website

Additionally, I run a 2-day intensive internship program on training the female competitor where I give you exact training, nutrition and supplementation that we use with our competitors to give them extraordinary results. For more information on the Female Competitor Internship click here:

INBA Australia reach 15,000 Likes on Facebook
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INBA Australia have reached yet another milestone of 15,000 Likes on Facebook and it couldn't have happen without you our fantastic supporters. For every single Like it is really a vote for a better lifestyle, without cheating, the natural and health way. Thank you to all the people who have liked our Facebook page, we pledge to continue to bring you around the clock news, results, profiles and good old fashioned chats, as well as support, technical help, rules, guidelines, contest information and so much more. Thanks again and see you at 16,000 Likes and if you can share this and spread the word with your friends, that will help us get their even faster. Here's the link:

INBA 2014 Brisbane Classic over two giant days
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The INBA 2014 Brisbane Classic over two giant days on 24th/25th May is set to rewrite the record books again in consecutive years. This is simply the biggest city competition in the world. Full details here.

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