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What's the best part about INBA Australia
Welcome to INBA Australia
Tomorrow I think I'll wear my Mermaid G-Loves for chest
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"Just got off work.  Looking forward to an intense back workout to take my mind off everything.  I arrive at the gym, change into my gear.  Living End blasting in my ears.  I strap on my Hot Pink Camo G-Loves, it's time to go!!

I start with 5 pull-ups.  Beat my record.  No slip grip in full effect!  I move from the seated row to the dumbbells.  I'm in the zone; passionate and focused on my goals. 

My hands are feeling protected!  I get a firm grip on the rear delt machine.  My back is feeling tight.  Just  the way I love it.

A women strikes up a conversation with me as I am taking off my gloves.  She says I look "glamorous" in them.  She asks:  "And they can handle your hardcore workout?"    I reply:  "My hands are smooth, soft and pain-free."   G-Loves are the ultimate workout glove for the fashionista athlete. 

Tomorrow I think I'll wear my Mermaid G-Loves for chest day."

2014 INBA Victorian Championships 200+ and rising
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BOOM 200+ and rising, the 2014 INBA Victorian State Championships (as promised) are going to be the toughest event on the Australian calendar. We are unashamedly proud of our standard and numbers and as we've been saying for several years now, if you win at the 'Vics', you are truly a winner.

Years ago we figured out that athletes really do want tough competition, they want to go up against the best to see where they fit in the scheme of things. The VICs is a tough event, all the best competitors in the state save themselves for this event. Winning the VICs or doing well in it is the perfect springboard to the Australian Championships which of course it the ultimate goal of every athlete.

So thanks to the new computerise entry system (iCompete) the VIC's smashed through the 200 barrier and is on it's way through to 300. What big numbers really mean is that you will have plenty of opposition, if you place highly you will have a result built on a strong and meaningful foundation.

Entries are still open, it takes less than 60 seconds to enter and you can enter today and pay on the day of the comp, you have nothing to lose, go to iCompete and login here or create an new account here.

Don't miss this event, if you can't compete then make sure you come and watch what is arguably the best event you are ever likely to see. Tickets at the door of the Mooney Valley Race Club. Full details in our Info Pack here.

Vegetable cycling with INBA Australia and Diet Challenge
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Anyone want to go for a cycle today??? Yes, it a provocative question, but like most things in life, if you bother to look deeper, you usually find the hidden treasure. Our cycle today is a very healthy vegetable cycle which is promoted by our Diet Challenge partners, if you cycle your vegetables regularly we can't guarantee you will live forever but we do suggest you will be giving your body it's best shot of a healthy life.

#iCompeteINBA #INBArevolution join the revolution today!

Jason Woodforth MP and INBA Australian Vice President leading the way.
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Jason Woodforth MP and INBA Australian Vice President was excited to host the school leaders from Earnshaw College today at Parliament House for the Leaders Lunch. Jason not only works hard in his private life via INBA Australia to create a better health and lifestyle for all citizens but he also is the most pro-active politician in the country on matters of health and fitness, a tireless campaigner for the little guy. #iCompeteINBA for our children. 

The most motivating INBA state designs ever
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This has got to be one of the most motivating state designs ever, it will be on the medals and tee-shirts at the 2014 INBA Victorian States Championships - who ...wouldn't want to live in Victoria??? Full competition details here

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